Biofresh for Dogs | Super Premium

Biofresh for Dogs | Super Premium

Biofresh for Dogs is a line of Super Premium petfood, which differ from others because they are the only products on the Brazilian market with high inclusion of 3 types of fresh meat and also fresh fruits such as bananas, papayas and apples. These ingredients guarantee an excellent palatability for the petfood and a highly nutritional value, with an excellent digestibility.

In addition, the entire line is made from selected, fine grains such as rice, oats and flaxseed and contains no GMOs of any kind. Another great differential of Biofresh for Dogs is its innovative conservation technology, which allows the preservation of the nutritional properties of fresh ingredients in a 100% natural way.


Helps to preserve cognitive abilities
Healthy joints
N Modified atmosphere
Low volume and odor in feces
Promotes natural defenses
Palatability reinforcement
Glossy coat and healthy skin
Balanced intestinal health
Prolonged oral health
Zero artificial colors and aromas

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