Three Dogs | Super Premium and Premium Special

Three Dogs | Super Premium and Premium Special

The Three Dogs family has been reformulated and, in addition to the Special Premium version, it also has the Super Premium Line, which offer benefits that go beyond nutrition: they guarantee well-being and longevity for pets.

The Three Dogs Super Premium Line is formulated with really fresh meats, which increases the digestibility of food. In addition, all its versions have reduced levels of sodium and phosphates, which have been proven to help slow the speed of bacterial plaque formation, ensuring better oral health.

The Three Premium Especial wet complete food line has three sachets for dogs in chicken and meat flavors. All with low sodium content and fresh meat in their composition, in pieces with size and texture that facilitate the apprehension and chewing, prepared with steam cooking, and accompanied by a special sauce to make the dogs salivate to taste.

The Three Super Premium pates, also made with fresh meat, without the addition of grains and transgenics, come with different flavors such as chicken, meat and lamb. There are five presentations developed to accompany pets in different stages, bringing appropriate benefits to each one of them. In addition to the versions for puppies, adults, seniors, sterilized and those who need a light diet for weight control.


Healthy joints
Low sodium content SP
com carne fresca With fresh meat
Firm feces and with reduced odor
Preserves the intestinal health
Favored oral health
Zero artificial colors and aromas